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This week there isn't much updated on the game. Instead we are developing a new idea to expand on the game. We will keep you posted as a better idea of our status develops with our new ideas.


Thank you for all your feedback. We took everyone's comments into consideration and added the option for multiple play modes. This should make the game playable for everyone. Full screen mode will be the best option for most users. An option for a small sized version has been added for people who have a slower internet connection.

Version 1.3 is up.

This version of the game has the option to play music. You have the option to turn the music off and your system will remember your settings. A critical bug has been fixed. This fix took up a lot of our update time for this version but it had to be resolved. The issue should be fixed where people's names did not always get listed on the Leaderboards. It is known for sure that the issue has been fixed on the PlayStation 3 browser. So other browsers should also work better too. Leaderboards now show all people who entered a name. You can view what has been updated by clicking here.

On rare occasions we find that people are saying that their scores don't get saved on the leaderboards. Your score should show up in no longer then 5 minutes if you refresh the score page. Please refer to the troubleshooting section under help for more information on this issue.

Version 1.2 is up and ready.

This update has many improvements to code and bugs to help us in the future. It also has a great new hit reaction! This makes it feel even better when you hit him. High scores will also now rise because we add a bonus time when you get 10 hits in a row. We added a Hall of Fame on the Leaderboards page for our no longer used versions. You can view what has been updated by clicking here.

YEAH!!! has an impressive high score which might not be beatable in this version. Our future versions will allow more hits in a game since they will be more features and levels added to them. So we decided we will have a hall of fame for the number one hitters of all our previous versions. This will be coming soon with our next release. Stay tuned!

Version 1.2 will be up by 1-4-09.

Leaderboards added! You can now enter your name and view the top 300 high scores. All previous high scores will not have names.

Version 1.1 of the game is now up. Now Bush moves faster allowing you to get more hits in. Sounds/animation added and more. You can now enter your initials if you get in the top 5.


We are proud to announce that version 1.0 of the game is up. Hope you enjoy it. Comment or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

We are planning on posting a very simple version of our game late tomorrow. It will be very generic but we want to have something rather then nothing up to get us started. Once we have something up we will be welcoming people's ideas and suggestions to make it better and better every week.

We should have a public alpha version up by 12-20-08. We will add updated versions weekly and just keep improving the game making it more and more elaborate every week.

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